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RE: COVID-19 - Updated 20/11/20

We will closely monitor any updated health advice and will communicate any changes as early as possible. Based on the advice we have been given so far we are hoping to return on the 25/11/20. If we are able to visit schools, our staff will be mindful of their movements in the next few weeks as we want to put the health of our staff, patients and school staff in front of mind. 

In these unprecedented times, we would like to reach out to let you know what Dental for Schools (DFS) is doing to support our team, our schools, and our community to get through the uncertainties we all face.


As a medical practice, we by default follow strict infection control guidelines set out by the ADA (Australian Dental Association) which puts us at the forefront of managing and preventing infection and disease. With the outbreak of COVID-19, alongside our standard strict infection control guidelines, we have implemented safeguards that exceed Government and World Health Organisation guidelines and have taken additional steps to minimise the risk of impact.


Covid-19 Precaution

School Dental Visits

If you have an upcoming or current dental visit with us this is to ensure you that at this stage it is business as usual until advised otherwise by the Department of Health and the State Government. 


We have made the additional changes to our mobile services:


  • Alongside our mandatory infection control practices, we have added a sanitising step of any individual upon entering and exiting the mobile facility.

  • Less students entering the facility at a given time.

  • In addition to wiping down all surfaces after each patient. Every 30 minutes, our team will be wiping down all high traffic surfaces with alcohol wipes and spray: including seats, floors and bench tops.

  • We are urging all of our staff and schools to take precautionary measures to protect themselves and others and to follow Government guidelines in relation to self-isolation recommendations for any symptoms of common colds and flu. 


Current & Standard Infection Control Practice (for your knowledge):

  • New face masks, gloves, instruments are to be used by the practitioner for the use of every single patient.

  • Wipe down of all surfaces including seat, bench top, light, equipment after every patient.

  • Barriers and sleeves are placed on lights, instruments and equipment for every patient. (These are then removed and replaced during the changeover of patients)

  • All dirty equipment and instruments placed in an enclosed bin.

  • Sterilisation of the full facility at the end of each day with disinfectant.

  • Sterilisation of all equipment at the end of each day through process of an Autoclave (A medical autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilise equipment and other objects. This means that all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores are completely inhabitable.)


We will continue to monitor advice released by the Government and health services and will be continually reviewing our practices in line with any recommendations.

Community Support

School dentist

We are living in unprecedented times and there is much in the media highlighting different opinions, emotions and attitudes. As you know, community wellbeing is key at Dental for Schools and we ask that together we keep health, safety and respect for one another at the forefront of what we say and do.
In summary, we would like to assure schools and child cares that with the current events of COVID-19 that procedures are in place to maintain our normal operations and to continue to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our students here in South Australia.

If you would like to discuss things further please do not hesitate to respond to this email or call us on (08) 722 58 142.


Find information on any active outbreaks and clusters, and health announcements or statements related to COVID-19 in the Department of Health's alerts and announcements section.

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